About Us

Farm-Lite Candle Co. LLC was created in March of 2021.  When Covid-19 hit and the world shut down we came up with a decision to make a business at our home to take care of our two children.  Our daughter Destiny is 10 and son Braxton is 13.  We started by working on the farm and making rabbit pens on wheels and chicken coops.  Then my fiancée wanted something for her to do.  She decided to make candles.  She researched for a long time and when we received our stimulus money, together, we bought the inventory to make candles and wax melts. Now we have expanded and make other items as well to Cater to your needs.  We've never gotten a loan or any financial help!  We have worked hard to become a successful business.  Our soy candles and wax melts contain no dyes for purity and very nice eco-friendly wicks that create a better burn.  Our Motto is "Where Every Lite is a Blessing".  Thank you so much for supporting our small business! We appreciate each and every one of you!  Have a wonderful day!  Thanks for shopping with us!